Ray's Contest Photos 


Ray makes top three and the showdown begins.                    The top two men remain standing.                                                          
I think Ray has the total package. He appears to have the best overall muscular physique. However,                                                  the judges decision places Ray in second.     



 Side View                             Confidence                          Abdominal Pose


Master Bodybuilder Raymond Day takes home the gold. He won first place in the bantamweight, over 60 category in Fort Meade, Maryland. Did I say "over sixty"? Looking at Ray's physique you could never guess his age. Ray has rock hard muscles that just keep going and going. He looks great from head to toe.


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Tip: Don't obsess about doing crunches; instead focus on burning the layers of fat that's covering up your abdominals. 


                 Raymond Day Master Champion                                       

                               A REMARKABLE STORY OF A FAMOUS BODYBUILDER


Read the remarkable story of Ernestine Shepherd on Prevention.com Ernestine, age 79, holds the title for Guinness Book World Records as the Oldest Competitive Female Bodybuilder. Ernestine continues to maintain a ripped body and a healthy lifestyle. Follow a day in her life at Prevention.com. 



Ernestine  Shepherd                                                                                                                                                    

What makes Ernestine Shepherd a cut above the rest? Hard work, dedication, staying focused and having a pleasant personality are good traits, but not phenomenal. Ernestine Shepherd, an inspiring bodybuilder, fitness trainer, marathon runner and grandmother epitomizes the fact that it's never too late to get fit and healthy. Ernestine is now 79 years old and has the body of a woman over thirty years her junior. What's phenomenal about her is not just her age, but the truth is she didn't begin training until age 56.

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Ernestine was never avid about exercising until after shopping for swimsuits with her sister. They both then decided it was time to join a gym to stay in shape. They began training with Raymond Day, a bodybuilder and personal trainer who has many trophies to his credit. He won first place as Masters Champion in the Kevin Levrone Classic. I've traveled with Ray to many bodybuilding competitions but that day I first met Ernestine Shepherd. She and her sister were in the audience cheering for their trainer. What I noticed about Ernestine was how confident she and her sister were in their form-fitting outfits. Although they had recently begun training, it truly made an impact! They felt great and looked great in their clothes. 

Determined, Dedicated and Disciplined

Then one day, Ernestine's sister came to Ray for her training session and complaining about a ringing in her ears. A few days later she passed away due to a brain aneurysm. Ernestine didn't want to train anymore after that, but after a period of mourning, friends encouraged her to continue her fitness program. That was just what she needed! Ernestine came back to the gym with more determination than she ever had. She created her motto which she wears on her clothing; "determined, dedicated, disciplined to be fit".

Ernestine starting running for several miles every day, in addition to weight training. Soon she was running marathons and decided to help others by becoming a personal trainer. Later, after working with a nutritionist, Ernestine decided to compete in bodybuilding. She won first place in her class and several since then. She is always looking forward to her next competition and stays contest-ready. What an amazing accomplishment!

Ernestine is an inspiration for all women. Age is biological, not physical. So it's never too late to start living a healthy and fit lifestyle. I salute Ernestine for her friendship and wish her continued success in bodybuilding.                  



 .....Get the latest update on Raymond Day, Master Champion Bodybuilder. See photos of Ray's Fort Meade Maryland competition win and read his advice on getting contest-ready. Ray also shares how he showed up more muscular than last year. 

See what's happening with Ray and get valuable training tips on preparing for bodybuilding competition.   

Many friends came out to celebrate with Ray on Friday 12 noon at the City View restaurant in Woodlawn, Maryland. In addition to Ray's bodybuilding triumps, he was a dedicated federal employee at the Social Security Administration headquarters in Woodlawn. Ray's career spans a total of 43 years of combined service in the United States Air Force, at Social Security, and in the Air National Guard. We honor Ray for dedicated service to his country in the military and as a civilian.

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                                                RAY TRIUMPS AGAIN 

When I think of a true bodybuilder, I see a dedicated, confident individual with a well-defined physique with muscles bulging in the right places. My thoughts go to huge biceps, a round wide set of deltoids and a chest worthy to be displayed. I see a small waist and v-tapered back. But surely, this is not all there is to the total bodybuilder's package but it is very impressive.

The Total Package

Raymond Day is the total package. He made his comeback debut at the OPC Charm City Classic in Baltimore Maryland on Saturday October 9, 2010 placing fourth in the bodybuilding competition. After an eight-year hiatus, finishing in the top five is quite an accomplishment.

Ray and I have been friends for over twenty years and I know he is a kind passionate and fun-loving person. I want readers to know him also and I asked if I could do a fitness article for my website. He agreed and I scheduled a time for a short interview with him at the gym while he trained.

Muscle and Fitness

Ray first became interested in bodybuilding around age 13 or 14 while watching Steve Reeves as Hercules in the movies. Steve Reeves was awesome in his day and a real super hero. This prompted Ray to start reading Joe Weider’s Muscle and Fitness magazine and start weight training. Ray entered his first contest in 1988 taking home a fourth place win. During the course of his career, Ray has entered over 40 competitions locally and in Washington D.C. Many of which he won first place and has always ended in top five.


Favorite Exercise is Pull-ups

To triumph consistently, you must be dedicated to your sport and like to train. Ray says, “My favorite exercise is pull-ups because I make it look easy. My favorite machine weights is the Smith Machine and I work out in the gym four days a week. I also run 3.3 miles per day each day during the week and run 6 miles on the weekend days. I only have off days when I take a vacation. In fact, my motto is ‘Don’t Quit on Being Fit’ ”

Ray's Bodybuilding Diet

Incorporating running in his workout has helped Ray to lose stored body fat while toning his muscles. I asked Ray about his diet. “My main diet consists of fruits, vegetable, pasta, chicken, salmon, tuna, eggs, egg whites and cereals. I prefer oatmeal, cream of wheat or raisin bran and I take omega 3 and fish oil capsules daily. For my snacks, I love the Fructified Zone Perfect All-Natural Nutrition bar, oatmeal cookies, unsalted peanuts and all natural peanut butter.

The interview is going great and it is all due to Ray’s charismatic personality. I just enjoy being in his company and I want readers to get a sense of who he is also. I asked Ray to reveal something about him that readers can relate you. …….Finally, he says that his favorite television shows, the ones he doesn’t want to miss, that he looks forward to seeing, are ‘Hell’s Kitchen’, ‘The Apprentice’ and ‘Survivor’. I guess this is as personal as he gets.

Ray's Advice to Beginners

Ray ended the interview by saying, “My advice to young guy’s just starting bodybuilding is doing your homework first, set your goals, and don’t be afraid to ask questions and ask for help.” That advice will work for any career, not just bodybuilding. Thanks Ray.   


                                             Ray Day Returns!       

Raymond Day, acclaimed champion bodybuilder returned to the stage after taking an eight year hiatus to pursue his passion as a personal fitness trainer. Day stopped competing after winning the much coveted Master Championship at the Kevin Levrone Classic. As a long time fan, I can't wait to see him in competition again. I think he's in better shape today than when he won the Masters. Way to go Ray!  

 Ray with the Master Champion trophy


           Ernestine Shepherd Always a Winner

If you wanted to see the fabulous Ernestine Shepherd in person, you should have made your way to Washington DC. Ernestine performed  at the University of the District of Columbia, 4200 Connecticut Avene NW, Washington DC 20008.

Yohnnex Nutrition presented the Capital Tournament of Champions featuring Guinness Book World record holder Ernestine Shepherd. Truly an amazing performance. Congratulations on your win Ernestine!


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                                              Divas Do Workout

After having a hard time catching up with my friend and fellow trainer, Ernestine Shepherd, I decided to ask Raymond Day, her trainer, what she’s been up to and he bought me up to date.

Former Mayor Sheila Dixon of Baltimore contacted Ernestine to become a member of her ‘Be Fit Baltimore’ team. Dixon was bringing awareness to Baltimore City concerning physical fitness and proper nutrition .

Ernestine was training Maysa Leak, a popular jazz musician and native Baltimorean. Maysa embarked on a six month journey to get fit with Ernestine as her personal trainer. Ernestine is proving again that any barrier can be overcome when you stand committed to living a healthy lifestyle.

Guinness Book Record Holder

Guinness Book representatives contacted Ernestine about her world record. After checking thoroughly, Guinness Book World Records 2010 has pictured Ernestine Shepherd as the ‘World’s Oldest Competitive Female Bodybuilder’. At age 79 , with the body of one 30 years her junior, Ernestine truly has delayed the results of aging.

Ernestine is preparing for her next marathon and bodybuilder competition. 

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             Ernestine Shepherd Turns 79

On June 16th our fitness diva celebrated her 79th birthday. A few year ago, a local Baltimore television station helped celebrate by spotlighting Ernestine on their health watch edition. Ernestine continues to stay active by running, lifting weights, training clients and preparing for her next bodybuilder competition. So I asked Ernestine to share how her diet impacts her fat loss. The one food item that's predominant in her diet is egg whites. She eats and drinks egg whites daily.

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Way to go Ernestine! Good luck in your next bodybuilder competition.

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                        Ernestine Shepherd in Jet Magazine

Fitness Diva Ernestine Shepherd has made national coverage again! The March 23, 2009 issue of Jet Magazine included a whole page article on Baltimore's own, Ernestine Shepherd. Ernestine is photographed in a two piece exercise outfit that shows off her chiseled abs. She looks better than many half her age. This is a testimony that exercise will keep you looking young. Not only does she look young, she exudes confidence. "Be determined, dedicated and disciplined to be fit," that's the key along with cardio, weight training, proper diet and rest.  

Read more about Ernestine and her Basic Tips for Keeping Trim.  

          Spotlight on Ernestine Shepherd

Ernestine Shepherd, who is now 79, was interviewed by 8-time Mr Olympia winner, Lee Haney. Ernestine, a dedicated personal trainer and marathon runner, spoke on fitness for the hour long interview from her home in Baltimore Maryland. Lee Haney's show, Totalee Fit Radio is aired Monday through Friday at 11A.M. and 3 P.M. and is a great source for expert health and fitness information.                              

            Ernestine Shepherd, Fit and Fabulous

I am an Ernestine Shepherd fan and I want to know just how she does it. How does she maintain her hourglass figure and still manage to juggle an active lifestyle; which includes making time for her husband and grandchild? Ernestine says “the secret to aging gracefully is exercise, exercise, exercise. I always use my slogan, I’m determined, dedicated, and disciplined to be fit.” Ernestine certainly has the right formula for maintaining good health and fitness well into our 70’s and beyond.

Pumping Iron

Ernestine lifts weights at the gym three times a week. Some days she lifts heavy and some she lifts light; depending on her mood. When she’s not pumping iron she walks up to 5 miles a day. “The most important thing is to get out and walk,” said Ernestine. “It doesn’t cost you anything to walk.” Ernestine also loves to run and sometimes runs up to 12 miles. She participates in many marathons and each year she is first in her age group. Having an intense fitness regimen and strict diet has helped Ernestine drop her body fat down to 9 percent. That's amazing!

Ernestine is very, very happy and enjoying her family and retirement. She plans to continue training, competing and devoting herself even more to living a healthy fit lifestyle.                                 



Flexibility and Strength

Flexibility is the ability to flex, extend, or circumflex the joints through their full intended range of motion. The term 'flexibility' actually refers to the mobility of your joints and how muscles, ligaments, tendons, or other soft tissues affect it -- not referring to the suppleness of those soft tissues themselves.

How much flexibility do you need? Although the answer varies from individual to individual, it can safely be said that you need enough flexibility to meet the demands of your daily activities with ease. You will also need a little bit more to spare for life's emergencies; such as falling, tripping or slipping.

It is important to remember that flexibility and strength training must occur concurrently. Significantly improving your joints' range of motion without also improving the strength of your surrounding musculature can be an invitation for injury.

Strength is your ability to exert musculoskeletal force against an external object, such as a barbell, the ground, or an opponent. It stems from four main sources; structural, physiological, psychoneural, and the environmental factors. A lack of adequate muscular strength in conjunction with a decrease in bone density is a definite health concern of the general population. This can also lead to a decrease in our musculoskeletal functions. Strength developed through resistance training helps to develop our musculoskeletal system. which gives us the ability to physically move using our muscles and bones.

For a detailed professional hands-on approach to developing a personalized fitness training program that is right for you, book a consultation session with a certified personal trainer.

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